Movie Talk: Chivalry makes a comeback in ‘Old Fashioned’

As a mom to an “almost teenager” I’ve really been thinking about the dating scene and how much it has changed since I was young. You have all this new technology as forms of communication and dating apps are all the rage, right? So, how do you instill Biblical values in teenagers when it comes […]

Outdoor living: We’re counting down to Summer!

The last month, I’ve really been on a mission to make our outdoor living area a place the kids want to hang out in with their friends and a quiet place I can sit with my husband. You know what I’m talking about… one of those nights where you escape the chaos with a glass […]

Music Monday: Just Breathe

Awhile back my teenage son and I were having a conversation about music. We’ve been going on a lot of road trips since the summer began and he’s wanted to play DJ while in the van. I’m okay with that. I like his music, but I noticed he ONLY has Christian songs. Don’t get me […]