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Recipe: Easy Bake Lasagna Rolls

Lately, our little family has gotten SO busy. Between youth group, basketball, girl scouts, and UIL competition we just don't have a lot of time to sit down for a family dinner. Since the kids were … [Read More...]



Week 2: Weigh-In Wednesday

This is a special edition of Weigh-In Wednesday because... It's my BIRTHDAY! Yeah, this is no April Fools' Joke. It REALLY is my birthday. Today as I stood on the bathroom scale, I grew … [Read More...]


Week 1: Weigh-In Wednesday

I've, not so secretly, been on a health mission. It started off with me just wanting to motivate my son to train harder during track season. It's transformed into a mission for me to live a healthier … [Read More...]


Music Monday: Soul On Fire

I started running again. Many years ago I used to run cross country. Okay, back in HIGH SCHOOL I ran cross country. I wasn't very good at it, nor did I ever really give anyone a run for their … [Read More...]